Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair

Enjoy a Craft Fair and Support Art Industry Businesses Made in the USA What does it mean to be an artist, a craft maker, a musician, a booking agent, or an event promoter in 2020? “You better believe it has been a long, hard road this year, but well worth it,” said Kelly Rusk, co-promoter with her…

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Wheel of Time: Ely's Mill In Gatlinburg

Off the banks of Roaring Fork Road dwells one of Gatlinburg’s most deeply rooted treasures - the long-established and untouched Ely's Mill. Erected in 1925 by Yale law school graduate-turned printer, Andrew Jefferson Ely, the mill served as both mill and community advocate for local craftsmanship, a…

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5 Secrets to Discover in Gatlinburg

Whether you’re traveling to Gatlinburg for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran of the Smokies, there may be a few places in Gatlinburg that you haven’t been able to explore yet. These 5 secret spots are worth more than a passing glance. If you’re looking for something special to do while…

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