Gatlinburg Pancake WeekGatlinburg Pancake Week

February 26 - March 4

In honor of the humble pancake, Gatlinburg will celebrate the breakfast staple for a week beginning February 26. Gatlinburg’s history with the classic breakfast item is as rich as the mountainous stacks served.

Dating back to the turn of the 20th Century when logging camps flourished in the Great Smoky Mountains, companies housed lumberjacks close to their logging operations in lumber camps. There’s no better way to feed a bunch of hungry lumberjacks than to fill them up on hearty flapjacks with the intent to keep them fueled up for a hard day’s work. After the formation of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the logging business came to a close in the 1930’s. Visitors began flocking to the area to hike the beautiful mountains. Motels and restaurants sprang up to feed the hungry visitors. The humble pancake became a staple. So much so, that in 1960 the Gerding family opened The Pancake Pantry, the first breakfast restaurant dedicated to the dish in the state of Tennessee. Today Gatlinburg is home to six pancake houses, all of which have their own style of serving up a stack.
During this week, Gatlinburg will feature a multitude of pancakes from the traditional to the whimsical on all our social channels. If you can’t get here during Pancake Week, don’t worry. These folks serve up the best all year long. Loosen up your belt and join us on the journey. Follow us on Facebook for daily giveaways.

Pancake Houses in Gatlinburg

All you need is pancakes. Pancakes are all you need. -John Lennon”

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