Fantasy Of Lights Parade Participation Form

This application is designed to provide our parade committee with information about your unit’s involvement in the parade for approval. It is very important that you read the rules and regulations very carefully. For the committee’s approval all information must be filled out completely. 

All Groups Complete The Form Below 

For Assistance in finding accommodations for groups, please contact Dian Stanfill at 865-436-0527. 

In consideration of being allowed to participate in this special event produced by the Gatlinburg Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), we acknowledge that participating in municipal projects can be a hazardous activity, and assume all risks associated with this work. We waive all claims for damages against the CVB and against its officers, employees and volunteers for injuries to persons or property, including death and destruction that may arise from this activity and release the Gatlinburg CVB and its officers and employees and agree to hold them harmless from any such liability. 

You must read and agree to all Parade Guidelines listed below to participate.

Registration Fees

All Materials Must Be Received by the Corresponding Date and Time: 

  • Advanced Registration: Now - October 1: $50 FEE 
    (No fee for marching bands and official 501c(3) organizations with advanced registration)
  • Registration: October 2 - October 15$100 FEE for ALL entries
  • Late Registration: October 16 - November 8: $150 FEE for ALL entries

Registration Ends: November 8 At 11:59 PM

After this time, applications will no longer be accepted. 


Contact Information 

(865) 436-0523 
Alt: (865) 436-0505

Gatlinburg CVB, Events Division
P.O. Box 527 
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Contact Info

Parade Info


If not using a float, put 0.

Please provide details and describe what float your bringing, number of walkers, vehicles and what you will be doing during the parade.

5 - 10 second description of your business

For Marching Bands & Drum Corps

* Indicates a required field.

Gatlinburg's Annual Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade 

Official Guidelines 

Complete Official Parade Participant Packets will be mailed upon determination of participation. 

Acceptance: All materials must be received in the Events Office by the corresponding dates and times listed at the bottom of this page. Applicants will be contacted by telephone or email with committee's approval or disapproval. If by some reason you are not contacted by the end of November, please call the Events Division. The Parade Handbook will be emailed at the end of November with line-up number and staging location. 

SCRIPT FOR TELEVISION: You must submit your script for television by November 18, 2024. Please submit script TYPED. Applications will NOT be accepted without a script for television. Please include Organization and Contact Name, Address, Phone, Email and a FIVE-TEN second description of your unit (this is what the parade announcers will read on TV). Deadline for entry will be strictly enforced. 

Insurance Requirement: All entries must provide proof of liability insurance in the amounts of  $1 Million Per Occurrence, $2 Million Aggregate AND name the Gatlinburg CVB as an additional insured. Your local agent should be able to guide you through this process. 

Lighting: Lighting is REQUIRED for ALL UNITS and ALL TYPES of parade participants. Marching Bands are suggested to light up lead banner (if not each performer) with battery-powered lights or spotlights. 

Throwing objects: The throwing/handing out of objects is strictly prohibited. 

Integration: No Rolling Units (a unit with ANY type of vehicle) will be allowed to integrate from Little House of Pancakes/Parade Headquarters. You must proceed to Hwy 321 and get into your assigned staging location. 

Disband: For your safety, your parade unit MUST follow marshal instructions at light #10. 

SANTA CLAUS: Contrary to popular belief, there is only ONE Santa, and he will be on a special float in the parade – NO SANTA IMPOSTORS are allowed in the parade in any way. 

Chaperones: Only 4 chaperones are allowed per unit. Chaperones must walk on the left at the rear side of the unit. 

Minimum age: YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 12 YEARS OF AGE TO WALK IN THE PARADE -- NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no minimum age for participants RIDING on floats and rolling units. 

Dress Code: Dress should be tailored around your theme/school and should all complement/be identical to each other. Remember that this will be televised, so please dress for the camera in festive, colorful, and appropriate clothing.

Laws: Participation in the parade in no way releases anyone from observing all laws and regulations in Gatlinburg. 

Horses: All horses MUST be diapered or MUST be accompanied by a pooper-scooper / manure attendant at ALL TIMES during your visit to Gatlinburg. There are absolutely no exceptions. 

Maximum height: May not exceed 13 feet to clear overhead traffic lights and wires. 

Awards: Parade entries will be judged for awards. Additional information will be provided in the Official Parade Participant Packets. 

Commercial Advertisement Vehicles: All parade entries must bring entertainment value to the Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade. However, a limited number of commercial advertising vehicles will be allowed. These entries must be a Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Member, Chamber Business Partner, or be subject to a $500 advertising fee. To avoid this fee, please contact Jessi Webb regarding Chamber Membership at or by calling (865) 436-0511.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Please note that aspects of our General Information and Rules are subject to change. You will be notified of any and all changes. 
Noncompliance with parade rules may restrict current and future participation with Gatlinburg's Fantasy of  Lights Christmas Parade and the 4th of July Midnight Parade. Furthermore, while the Gatlinburg Fantasy of  lights Parade respects and embraces America's diversity, our policy dictates that the Parade will not be used to represent any specific cause or special interest, no matter how worthy. Therefore, the Gatlinburg CVB  reserves the right to make all determinations relating to participation in the Parade on the basis of  entertainment value and preserving the long-standing traditions of this event.