A total renovation of the Gatlinburg Trout Facility is underway at Gatlinburg’s Herbert Holt Park. Demolition of the trout raceways, which were in place when the City began its trout program in 1981, started last week.

During the renovation project, all six raceways will be rebuilt, a pavilion will be constructed over the facility to shade the raceways and prevent predators from gaining access to the fish, and bleachers will be installed to allow educational opportunities at the facility.

The project is scheduled to be completed in October. 

"Through the renovation of the Gatlinburg Trout Facility, the City aims not only to upgrade its infrastructure but also to enhance our community's connection to nature, providing educational opportunities at Herbert Holt Park and improving opportunities for our citizens and visitors to enjoy fishing in Gatlinburg,” City Manager Greg Patterson said.

Throughout the renovation project, the facility is off-line and the City’s Recreation Department will be unable to stock trout into the river. 

“The Recreation Department apologizes for being unable to stock trout into the river during the renovations at the Trout Facility,” Gatlinburg Trout Facility Manager Travis Williams said. “Please know that this project will allow the Gatlinburg Trout Program to be even better in the future for the many individuals and families who come to Gatlinburg to enjoy fishing.”

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Gatlinburg Trout Farm DemolitionDemolition activities began on the raceways at the Gatlinburg Trout Facility on April 15.

Gatlinburg Trout FacilityA rendering of the renovations to the Gatlinburg Trout Facility. Construction at the facility started on April 15 and is expected to be completed in October.


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