You’ll find fun all over the map in Gatlinburg, whether it’s adventure in the Smokies, art galleries and studios downtown, family attractions or simply the area’s amazing natural beauty. Take a stroll, shop, pack a picnic, or curl up by a fire. Launch an expedition, or start a new family tradition. You've never been closer.

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Gatlinburg Reviews & Stories

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Every year, thousands of visitors make the trip to Gatlinburg seeking a calming escape, adventure in the Smokies or the stunning art displays that both nature and local artists provide. Read through the Gatlinburg reviews and stories below and you’ll see just how easy it is to find happiness here.

Our vacation

Gina B
paoli, indiana

"Me an my husband are almost 30 years old an we have 2 kiddos an we have never had the privilege of going on vacation so we decided that we were going on vacation this year nothing was stopping us!. Read more

Girls' Weekend

Sue S
Gatlinburg, TN

"Love my G-burg condo where my 2 "daughters" & I meet up for shopping, gossip, & fun every year. . Read more

Gatlinburg Through the Years

Aylett, VA

"Gatlinburg has been the source of our most wonderful vacation memories over the years. There is no other place that I would rather be!. Read more

Magical Story Book Wedding at the Preserve

Jay H
Sacramento, Kentucky

"I ask my bestfriend and the woman of my dreams to marry me in August of 2008 after 10 years of friendship.. Read more