Hike To Grotto Falls

There’s something magical about standing behind a wall of water as it cascades to the ground at Grotto, the only waterfall in the Smokies where you can do this. The walk to Grotto is as easy as pie. It’s just minutes out of Gatlinburg, right off the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, so make it the first stop on your day trip into the park. You can stroll the Trillium Trail through old-growth forests, and if you’re there in May, get ready to be wowed by the dazzling wildflowers.

Please keep in mind bicycles and dogs are NOT allowed on this trail and a parking pass is required when parking longer than 15 minutes at the trailhead. 


Trail Info:

Trail Name: Trillium Gap Trail
Region: Cherokee Orchard Rd
Length: 2.6 miles
Rated: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 544 ft
Route Type: Out & Back



Hiking, Waterfall, Forest, River, Wildflowers, Wildlife, Rocky, No Dogs, Popular



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To access Roaring Fork, turn off the main parkway in Gatlinburg, TN at traffic light #8 and follow Historic Nature Trail Road to the Cherokee Orchard entrance to the national park. Just beyond the Rainbow Falls trailhead, you have the option of taking the one-way Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail (closed in winter). Please note that buses, trailers, and motor homes are not permitted on the motor nature trail. 

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