Chamber of Commerce

"...promoting, unifying, informing, serving and enhancing the business community..."


The Gatlinburg Tennessee Chamber began more than 60 years ago. During the late 1930's, businessmen in the community banded together to form the first tourist bureau. In 1940, the newly organized tourist bureau was chartered by the United States Chamber of Commerce. The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce was officially chartered as a non-profit organization in June 1957.

What is the Gatlinburg Chamber's Role?

The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce present role is that of a private, membership-funded business organization that continues to serve the business community through the active involvement in citywide issues, the publishing, distribution and management of the community's Gatlinburg Vacation Guide and website for the City of Gatlinburg, and the daily attention to visitor mail, telephone, and internet inquiries. The Gatlinburg Chamber is a well established, thriving organization offering a wide variety of services to its members and consumers. With all the Chamber has to offer there has never been a better time to be a member of the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce.

Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

On behalf of our membership, The Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce will promote, unify, inform, serve, and enhance the business community in a cohesive voice for the advancement of the economic, environmental, and social concerns of the community in order to make Gatlinburg a better place to live, work, and visit. 

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