Gatlin's Escape Game

716 Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

(865) 436-2326

One of a kind, Gatlin’s themed rooms feature props, lighting and sound effects. Solve puzzles, conquer challenges, while experiencing adrenaline pumping surprises around every corner. Work together in a 60-minute race against the clock to escape Gatlin’s live action games

THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS An epic, story-driven journey that puts you in an Indiana Jones adventure, full of Hollywood-quality set pieces with special effects.

MOONSHINE HILL HOOTENANNY Small Paw Sampson ain’t havin’ no part of Big Maw Bertha’s hootenanny tonight for her secret ‘shine recipe, so you’ll hafta be crafty to break into Maw’s shack and blow her ‘shine still to smithereens!

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  • Downtown
  • Fun for Everyone
  • Indoors
  • Group Rates available