Activate Games

631 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 325-2280

NOW OPEN! Activate offers high-tech games that test your team's physical and mental agility across a wide variety of real-life challenges. Once inside, you and your team choose from hundreds of combinations of games and difficulty levels, each lasting one to three minutes. Your electronic wristband tracks your score and progress throughout your experience making Activate perfect for a casual night out or intense competition.


Grid | The grid consists of 256 pressure-sensitive tiles that light up in a variety of colours. Step on or avoid certain ones to complete the level. You will need to use agility, strategy and teamwork to complete these games.

Hoops Players will need to score on specific baskets, memorize sequences, or answer trivia questions in this room’s games.

Arena | In this game, you are tasked with hitting hexagon targets on the wall with dodgeballs. Each game involves a combination of memorization, and speed. Accuracy is key, avoid hitting red targets to obtain the highest score! 

Climb | Players are required to travel across a room covered in touch-sensitive handholds that change colors throughout the game. You must make your way across the wall using the safe green holds, avoiding the red and activating the blue. Strategically cross without falling to complete the level.

Laser | Carefully maneuver your way back and forth through a changing sequence of lasers. Each stage has a limited amount of time for you to cross to the safe zone on the other side. Avoid tripping a laser beam to achieve the highest score.

Push | In this room you will be surrounded by walls of multi-colored buttons. Hit buttons to complete patterns in order to clear the stage. Games involve strategy, memorization, and communication.

Trench | Shoot lit up targets with a laser gun in a series of stages. Players must use a combination of skills including accuracy, memorization, and teamwork. The faster you can complete each stage the higher score you will receive.