GatlinBURGER Week

September 17 - 23, 2023

For only 7 days, Gatlinburg restaurants will be taking the humble patty to the next level - and so can you! During this week, participating restaurants will have a special, unique burger - NOT on their menu that you can order to "level up" and win cool prizes.  Burger prices vary per location.

 LEVEL UP to win prizes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4


Congratulations to our 2023 GatlinBURGER Meister!

Boudicca's Celtic Pub

Gatlinburger Meister winner - Boudicca's


gatlinburger phone steps


Download the Visit Gatlinburg App and use the GatlinBURGER Passport to plan your culinary tour. 

To win cool prizes and qualify for a chance to win the Grand Prize, complete the following 4 steps:

one icon ORDER: Use the GatlinBURGER Passport to find participating Gatlinburg restaurants (you will need to create an account to see restaurants & be able to check-in). Order their special burger listed in the Passport at the restaurant. You must order the special burger to qualify for prizes.

Two icon CHECK-IN: Before taking that first bite, check-in on the app by taking a photo of the special burger & geotagging your location at the restaurant to earn levels towards great prizes. The higher the level you achieve (aka the more special burgers you eat) the more prizes you win. 

three icon SHARE & TAG: Share your burger photos on social media using #GatlinBURGER and be sure to tag the restaurant location.

Four icon VOTE: Once you've achieved your Burger Level goal, VOTE for your favorite burger to determine which restaurant wins the title of GatlinBURGER Meister. Please vote only ONCE. 



Download the Visit Gatlinburg app to get the full description of these delicious burgers and to check-in.


Burger Levels

Burger Novice

1 special burger check-in at participating restaurant

Burger Enthusiast

3 special burger check-ins at participating restaurants

Burger Connoisseur

5 special burger check-ins at participating restaurants

Burger Master

7 special burger check-ins at participating restaurants


GatlinBURGER Prizes per Level

Keep leveling up to win more prizes. 1 entry for the grand prize per person per contest. GRAND PRIZE is a 2 nights stay in Gatlinburg + a Gatlinburg Attractions Pass. One winner drawn at random. 

Burger Novice

One entry for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE

Burger Enthusiast

One Scratch n’ Sniff GatlinBURGER sticker + lower level prize

Burger Connoisseur

One Exclusive Burger Candle made in Gatlinburg + lower level prizes

Burger Master

One Exclusive GatlinBURGER t-shirt + lower level prizes


Tips for a Great GatlinBURGER Experience

Not exactly sure what steps to follow to have the full GatlinBURGER experience and win those cool prizes? Let us help by walking you through step by step.  


gatlinburger tip 1

1. Download the App and Use the Passport
The restaurants participating in GatlinBURGER Week will only have their special burger for a limited time of 7 days - September 17 - 23. Each participating restaurant, which is listed in the GatlinBURGER Passport, has a name and description of their unique, special burger that CANNOT be found on their menu so be sure to give the name of the special burger to the server when you order at the restaurant. You must order the special burger from participating restaurants to qualify for prizes, so be sure to download the app and use the Passport to find the restaurants and their special burgers. You will need to create an account in the app to see the restaurants & be able to check-in.


tip 2 gatlinburger

2. Take a Photo BEFORE Your First Bite 
This next step will be tough - you just need a little patience. Before you take that first bite of your delicious burger (I know it's hard to resist), make sure to check in on the app.  Go to  the GatlinBURGER Passport, locate the restaurant listing under Participating Restaurants, tap Check-in, upload your burger photo, geotag the location and tap the "Check In" button. Whew, now you can eat!  Trust us - it's worth the wait. 



tip 3 gatlinburger

3. Sharing is Caring
No, you don't have to share a bite of your delicious burger, but you do have to share your burger photo or video to your favorite social media account. Just be sure to tag the restaurant location and use #GatlinBURGER so you can win some really cool prizes! Feel free to tag @VisitGatlinburg too!


tip 4 gatlinburger

4. Cast Your Vote for Favorite Burger
There's only one way to win - and that's to vote for your favorite burger (plus doing the other 3 steps).  Once you've achieved your desired Burger Level goal, complete the form to vote and determine which restaurant will be GatlinBURGER Meister. Just remember, checking in, sharing to social and submitting your vote is the ONLY way to win those super cool prizes and it's also how we get your mailing address to send you those awesome prizes. Happy eating and happy voting!


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