Gatlin's Fun Center Attendant

  • Redeemable: Sunday, Jun 26, 2022 - Sunday, Dec 18, 2022
Attendant – Gatlin’s Team Member ABOUT US For 30 years Montgomery Amusements has been creating lasting memories and providing family fun in Gatlinburg, TN. Montgomery Amusements has always emphasized more than just things to do. Every attraction has a back story and aesthetic theme that intrigues and attracts the most discriminating consumers, based on the philosophy that while providing children with a good time is essential to be successful, the parents should equally be intrigued and curious about the design and meaning behind the attraction’s theme. While remaining family owned and operated, Montgomery Amusements has grown and transformed itself from a single miniature golf course attraction into a company that features highly themed, relevant, and trendy entertainment concepts in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach. Check out our entertainment offerings here: Through the years, Montgomery Amusements has evolved, grown, stayed abreast and even ahead of the family entertainment industry. However, the one constant has been our mission statement, which has never changed over all these years. MISSION STATEMENT Our goal is to provide a desirable work environment for our employees, quality family entertainment for our guests and optimal profits for the company. Job Summary: Looking for passionate and energetic individuals that share the love for guest satisfaction. Our company is growing, and we are looking for individuals to help us meet the growing demands of our amusement / escape room business. Responsibilities: - Discover guest needs through inspiring and engaging interactions, while providing viable solutions for each guest. Promote all our activities and escape rooms. - Actively seeking and anticipating guest needs while providing excellent service to all guests. - Effectively inform guests on our activity options, pricing, process for each activity, and upselling packages. - Effectively operate each activity while providing an extraordinary guest experience while providing a safe and fun environment for our guests. - Process sales timely and accurately. - Always maintaining cleanliness and safety standards of our facilities and activity areas. - Helping all other team members as needed to ensure an excellent guest experience. - Notifying management timely of all safety, maintenance, equipment, guest and employee issues, obstacles, or barriers. - Maintaining stock levels of all facility resources to ensure an excellent guest experience. - Able to effectively handle guest complaints professionally and diplomatically. With a timely and amicable solution. And escalate the situation to a manager when needed. Required: - Basic computer skills to operate our Point of Sale and Maintenance Tracking systems. - 14 years of age or older. Preferred: - 2 Years amusement / sales experience. - 2 Years hospitality / customer service experience. Applicants Must: - Be self sufficient and work independently while contributing to team efforts for related results. - Posses excellent verbal communication skills. - Demonstrate patience and enthusiasm while communicating with our guests. - Work effectively under pressure/stress to meet competing demands. - Multitask several tasks at once. - Handle rejections by a guest with a positive attitude. - Help guide guests to a decision without appearing pushy or arrogant. - Attention to detail and organizational skills. - Able to communicate effectively by using active listening skills and convey information, suggestions while inspiring guests. Physical Requirements: - Must be able to stand/walk for extended periods of time. - Keep or regain your body’s balance when in an unstable position. - Must be able to lift up to 10 pounds unassisted. - Must be able to walk up and down stairs repeatedly throughout the day. - Must be able to work indoors and outdoors. And at times be exposed to the elements of the outdoors. - Must be able to work in crowded areas with other employees and guests. - Must be able to speak fluent English. - Must be able to speak in a clear and concise tone. - Must be able to effectively communicate to guests. - See details of objects a few feet away to identify differences in color, shades, and brightness. Benefits: - Generous Hourly Pay Incentive Program that we call Gatlin’s Pay System. What is GPS? - It is an hourly pay structure designed to award team members for ongoing growth within the company. When a team member is trained in a specific area and maintains certification in that area based on predetermined criteria, they will be compensated with an hourly pay increase. On top of training, team members who dedicate themselves to the organization will receive longevity benefits and pay increases outlined below. Finally, team members in continued good standing with performance and punctuality will be enrolled in the incentives program, also outlined below. Essentially, the more a team member learns, shows initiative, and dedicates themselves to their work, the more they will be paid hourly. Because market conditions and situations make change, it must be stated that this system may be altered from time to time or discontinued at the company’s sole discretion. TRAINING/CERTIFICATION PROGRAM - From the base pay rate, a team member’s hourly pay increases with certification in the following areas: - 1. General Team Member Duties -- $0.50 per hour - 2. Ropes Course and/or VR Game Master -- $0.25 per hour - 3. Escape Room Artists -- $0.25 per hour per game certified - 4. Village Shop Associate – Opener & Closer -- $0.25 per hour - 5. Crossed trained to work at both company main locations (Gatlinburg & Island) -- $0.25 per hour UPSELLING INCENTIVE PROGRAMS - Once a team member has completed training, they are eligible for the Store Incentive Pool Program and the Individual Commission Program. Store Incentive Pool - The Store Incentive Pool Program is split among the operating staff at a particular store every pay period. All hours worked over a particular pay period in an Operational area (excludes Project and Vacation hours, among others) are divided into the total team Store Incentive Pool for the store, giving each team member their share of the pool regardless of who actually made the sale. The Store Incentive Pool increases with each upsell, as outlined below: 1. For the Gatlinburg store, every Passport, Ropes Course + Passport, and Unlimited Golf passes sold adds $0.40 to the team Store Incentive Pool. 2. For the Island store, every Plus 2 pass sold adds $0.40 to the pool, and every DIA pass adds $0.50 to the Store Incentive Pool. Individual Commission Program In addition to the Store Incentive Pool Program team members are rewarded for Escape Game upsells in the form of tan individual commission per sale: 1. Team members individually receive $1.00 for every Escape Game + Passport sold and $2.00 for every DIA pass sold by them individually. This is incentive is not shared with other team members, instead awards you individually. LONGEVITY BENEFITS PROGRAM Loyalty and dependability are the backbone to a cohesive team, and your longevity with the company is extremely valued and appreciated. Outlined below are the milestones for benefits and pay increases for continuous full-time team members (see attached Benefits page for eligibility requirements and details on each benefit): • • 3 months – Eligible for company health insurance program • • 1 year – 1 week of paid vacation AND eligible for Simple IRA retirement plan • • 2 years – 2nd week of paid vacation • • 3 years – $0.75 per hour increase • • 4 years -- $0.25 per hour increase ($1.00 cumulative for longevity) • • 5 years -- $0.25 per hour increase AND a 3rd week of paid vacation ($1.25 cumulative for longevity) • • 6 years -- $0.25 per hour increase ($1.50 cumulative for longevity) • • 7 years -- $0.25 per hour increase ($1.75 cumulative for longevity) • • 8 years -- $0.50 per hour increase ($2.25 cumulative for longevity) • • 9 years -- $0.50 per hour increase ($2.75 cumulative for longevity) • • 10 years -- $1.00 per hour increase AND a 4th week paid of vacation ($3.75 cumulative for longevity) CAPPED AT 10 YEARS GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM - After 3 months of full-time status, team members qualify to enroll in the Montgomery Amusements health insurance policy, currently through United Health. If a team member chooses to enroll, Montgomery Amusements covers 60% of the team members annual premium, and the remaining 40% is deducted pretax from their paycheck biweekly. Full Time Team Members - Upon a team members 1st anniversary with the company with continuous full-time status, they become eligible for one week of paid vacation. Once a full-time employee completes 2 years of continuous service, the employee is eligible for a second week of paid vacation. Part Time Team Members - For any team member that is deemed “Part Time” and completes two years of continuous service, paid vacation is earned with the total hours to be based upon the average number of hours worked per week during the prior 12 months. A part time team member with continuous service is defined for this purpose as someone who does not meet the full-time requirements yet has worked for the two continuous years – continuous years defined as being available to work whenever management requests during the season, busy winter holidays, weekends, and otherwise as needed throughout the previous year(s). Determination for such eligibility is solely at the discretion of management. HOLIDAY PAY - As added appreciation for team members’ dedication and hard work during the busy periods, Montgomery Amusements will pay time and a half for shifts worked on the following holidays: Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Day, & Easter Sunday. INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNT (IRA) - Montgomery Amusement LLC offers a Simple Retirement Plan through Fidelity Investments. To be eligible to participate an employee must: - 1. Have been employed by Montgomery Amusement LLC. Full Time for one full year. - 2. Must have earned more than $5,000 during that prior year. - If both of the above criteria are met, then Montgomery Amusement LLC will match dollar for dollar saved up to 3% of the amount earned in any given year by the employee. PASS EXCHANGE BENEFITS - All team members and their families are eligible to attend all our businesses at no cost while not working and approved by management. Management does have the option to refuse requests based on high volume days or abuse of this perk. Similarly, all team members are eligible to receive passes to various area businesses as part of our pass exchange program. Currently our employees have FREE access to over 40+ local attractions ranging from 2-5 guests. FREE EMPLOYEE PARKING - We provide free employee parking for all employees. ** The above description is not intended to describe, in detail, the multitude of tasks, situations you may encounter. Rather to provide a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations of the position. The nature of our business will demand change over time. As will the essential needs of the position. Montgomery Amusements is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws. This policy applies to all employment practices within our organization, including hiring, recruiting, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, leave of absence, compensation, benefits, training, and apprenticeship. Montgomery Amusements makes hiring decisions based solely on qualifications, merit, and business needs at the time.