[caption id="attachment_1250" align="alignleft" ]Gatlinburg TN Thanksgiving Day Dinner Whether you enjoy an intimate dinner at your cabin or eat out, Thanksgiving is great in Gatlinburg.[/caption]

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving Day? It's kind of hard not to with all of the sumptuous foods we usually enjoy on that day. If you plan on visiting Gatlinburg then, we have some great Thanksgiving dinner options for you. Take a look at our checklist of delicious dinner options and select one that strikes your fancy. We'll stay neutral in our recommendations and not favor any particular restaurant, but we will get you pointed in the right direction by asking you to visit our Dining Deals page for a few ideas. You can also check here for a list of Gatlinburg restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day.

Now on to some of the yummy specialties you'll find in Gatlinburg on Turkey Day:

  • How's about smoked turkey and ham with a full salad bar?
  • There's a restaurant located high above Gatlinburg that offers a commanding view of the surrounding area. Here you can get a great roast turkey dinner with traditional side dishes and a full selection of pies, cobblers and cakes for dessert.
  • What if you'd like to rent a cabin and then get a meal to go, which you can enjoy in the privacy of your cabin? There is a popular restaurant in town that will prepare your Thanksgiving meal and all you have to do is bring it back to your cabin and eat it.
  • How's about a luxury cabin rental? Check our Lodging Deals page to find some of the best specials in the area. Did you also know that you can book cabins right from the gatlinburg.com website? Yep, it's easy. If you prefer to cook your own dinner in the privacy of your cabin, this may be a good option for you.
  • If you want a step up from a normal cabin rental package, why not try a special Thanksgiving package deal? There are hotels in town that offer such deals. Visitors stay for 3 nights and a professional chef prepares a delectable Thanksgiving dinner as the centerpiece of the trip.

Please note: It's a good idea to ask restaurants how late they are serving; some serve Thanksgiving dinner only into the early afternoon; others serve until 8 or 9 pm. Some restaurants require reservations.

Wow we've uncovered some really great sounding Thanksgiving dining options! If you'd like to take a visual journey through some of Gatlinburg's best restaurants, come on over to our Pinterest board and take a look around.

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