[caption id="attachment_602" align="alignleft" ]visit Gatlinburg, TN, things to do in Gatlinburg Take a walk in downtown Gatlinburg and enjoy dozens of attractions.[/caption]

When you come to Gatlinburg the sheer volume of activities will make you wish you could stay twice as long. It may seem hard to choose which attractions to take in because they all offer great cultural and entertainment opportunities. What would you say if you could access dozens of awesome attractions right in downtown Gatlinburg? That would definitely be a time-saver and allow you to park the car and take advantage of Gatlinburg’s superb trolley system, (don’t forget the Free Trolley that rides down Parkway) or you could even walk down Parkway to enjoy the sights.

Where do you begin, you ask? It’s easy really. Parkway is the main road you need to visit in downtown Gatlinburg to take in a full smorgasbord of sights, sounds and smells that are uniquely Gatlinburg. While we don’t want to favor one attraction over another, we will offer a few general rules of thumb to point you in the right direction on your sightseeing tour.

From one end of Parkway to another you’ll find attractions that take you up high into the sky and others that are located on solid ground but are just as intriguing such as unique museums and theaters. Play a little black light golf, ride some bumper cars or check out movies in a 3-D theater. Try some arcade games, eat a few corn dogs and if that isn’t enough, there’s always foot-long hot dogs to enjoy with your gaming.

But that’s not all. Parkway in downtown Gatlinburg has even more to offer. As you walk to the end of Parkway you’ll find a musical comedy theater and a unique golf course that begins with a ride up 300 feet to the course level, high above Gatlinburg. This site offers two 18 hole mini golf courses with unusual hazards that make this a fun challenge for kids and adults.

So there you have it, and if you need a handy map to show you the way, simply Google ‘downtown Gatlinburg sightseeing’ and Google will auto-magically generate a map of the Parkway area, complete with pin markers for all of the attractions you’ll find in downtown Gatlinburg.

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