Fall Harvest Display in GatlinburgAs fall season comes into full swing, many people are decorating their yards with harvest themed displays.   Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully inspire you to create something amazing!

The Little Things

Before you do anything else, collect all the supplies you’ll need to create your harvest display and get organized. This will be key to a smooth process and a great outcome!  The first step is determining what you are going to use to decorate your house.  Pumpkins, mini-pumpkins, gourds, squash, grape vines, berries, a couple baskets, pinecones, Indian corn and plant foliage are all the traditional items.  A large uncarved pumpkin will generally last most of the fall season, but if you want to make sure that it does, just add a coat of polyurethane to it. Then you’re sure to have a gleaming orange pumpkin all season long.

A single pumpkin placed on a small outdoor table will be where you want to start.  Scattering fall leaves on the table is a nice way to give it that added festive feel.  Next, take your basket and fill it roughly half full with the same fall foliage used on the table.  Strategically place a few pinecones and Indian corn inside the basket to give it texture and character.  Lastly, drape your grape vines around the table and stack several mini-pumpkins, gourds or squash around it to give it added depth.

Fall Decorations The extra mini-pumpkins or squash make excellent candleholders.  Cut the tops of the pumpkins or squash, take a spoon to clean out the centers and place your candle or votive inside.  These usually turn out really cute and add the perfect touch to the rest of your display.


This is the drive-by eye catcher, so you definitely want to do this right.  Simplicity along with a few creative touches is always best.  You will need to purchase several hay squares, plenty of corn stalk, definitely a large pumpkin or two, some orange ribbon, more grape vine, a couple fake crows and one or two scarecrows.

Find a spot that is both easily visible to the street and easy to work with as well.  Arrange the hay squares to fill the spot comfortably so that your display doesn’t look crowded.  Next, arrange the scarecrows.  You can give them a casual look by propping them up so that they look like they’re leaning against the hay talking. You can also have one sitting and the other one standing, or maybe do one that fits the theme of your family!  Once you have the scarecrows situated, just work in a few pumpkins, the crows, some ribbon and grape vine to give the display that last bit of spice.

Final TouchesSmoky Mountain Harvest Festival in Gatlinburg

Decorating the mailbox!  This is a simple one but can pull your whole yard together nicely.  Tie together two corn stalks with thick twine on each side of the mailbox.  Use the extra orange ribbon you have from your centerpiece to cover the twine.  This will give it that much needed color splash.  Place a large pumpkin on both sides of the mailbox in front of the corn stalks.  This hides the bottom of the corn stalks to give your display a more natural look.

Remember, just be you and let that show in your creative design.  When you are finished, take a step back and appreciate your hard work!

Gatlinburg is hosting its annual Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival through the end of October. During the Harvest Festival, Gatlinburg patrons adorn their shops, restaurants, and hotels with festive fall decorations to celebrate autumn in the Smokies.  Join us this season for another spectacular display of fall decorations in Gatlinburg!

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