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Some people dream of tropical beaches and romantic sunsets for their honeymoon. Others are adventurous, even a bit mischievous, and require a honeymoon that fits their desire for a challenge. When we say adventure we don't mean anything you can attempt on terra firma, we're talking about taking to the sky -- Zip lining in Gatlinburg! Your honeymoon can be your first step into a whole new world of adventure! Millions of people around the world enjoy zip lining, and hundreds of them come to Gatlinburg every year to try the dozens of zip lines that provide a unique adrenaline rush!

If you've never heard about zip lining, it's a popular activity for kids and adults. The venues that offer zip lining have cables set up on unique courses through forests and above Gatlinburg landmarks so your travel high in the sky offers you some of the most unique views in the area. Imagine feeling the thrill of flight as you whiz by trees, past mountains and even over the Gatlinburg strip! Zip lining, while challenging and conducted at incredible heights and speeds of up to 50 mph, is quite safe on commercial courses that are constructed by professional zip line installation experts. In the Gatlinburg area you'll find several zip line tour companies to choose from. The zip line tour firms offer a variety of packages that run from 30-40 minutes up to 3 challenging hours. The fees for zip lining are relatively inexpensive (ranging from about $50 - $150) considering the unusual nature of the activity and length of time you can spend cruising through the trees and ascending and descending on different levels of the course by way of bridges and platforms between the lines. Some of the zip line tour companies offer helmet cams so you can view a recording of your adventure when you're back on solid earth.

The best part about zip lining is that it offers you a feeling of exhilaration and freedom as you soar above the trees. Some of the zip line courses are open year round and several are even open at night! These night zip courses deliver on their promise of 'an experience you will never forget' as they combine the thrill and freedom of a zip line ride with the crisp mountain air! Imagine speeding over the lights of downtown Gatlinburg, or whizzing high above the trees and seeing a Smoky Mountain sunset! Now that's a truly different way to experience a romantic view!

Zip lining on the commercial courses is very safe, but there are a few precautions one should take before harnessing up. While there are no government regulations that police the industry, organizations such as the Association for Challenge Course Technology set standards for zip line courses. When you are reviewing the local zip line companies ask about these standards and proof that they abide by them. Ask about guide training and certification and the visitor to guide ratio. Most zip line companies will inform you of weight restrictions and ask about your general fitness to gauge your ability as a candidate for a zip line adventure. These questions and viewing some images and video of the course before you visit Gatlinburg can help familiarize you with the venues that you are most interested in.

Surely a zip lining adventure would make most anyone's list as a memorable honeymoon activity. If you like to share your thrills with friends, you can have even more fun zip lining with a group. Some couples rent large, mansion-sized cabins for themselves and several guests to enjoy a honeymoon vacation. While on your extended honeymoon, why not bring your guests to the zip line course and discover the wild blue yonder above Gatlinburg together? You may even find special promotions, as most zip line tour companies offer package deals to accommodate most any size group.

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