Learn More About this Fun Way to Vacation in the Smokies

Have you ever passed on an invitation to go camping because you weren't too enthused about sleeping on the ground and leaving the trappings of civilization behind? Good news because now you can skip the hardships and enjoy camping in the Smokies with the latest 'glamping' camps.

Your first question is likely to be: 'What's glamping?' It's a camping trend that's sweeping the country which adds a touch of glamor to camping. Not only can you sleep with sheets and pillows off the ground, you can set up camp in a substantial structure that makes your entire experience more fun and memorable.

Glamping allows people to enjoy an eco-friendly camping experience in a luxurious campsite at some of the most famous venues around the world. People have 'glamped' at the Indy 500 and on islands and in state parks from coast to coast. The idea is to camp in a pre-pitched tepee, lodge or tent, usually just bringing a few personal items with you, as most everything else is provided. Fodors offers a glimpse inside the glamping movement and helps define it for those who haven't tried it before.

So what about glamping in Gatlinburg? Here's a good way to get started:  We'll let you know about some of the options you can try here on our campgrounds page. A quick Internet search or an inquiry at a visitor's center can also help you discover the best glamping camp sites.

Glamping High and Low

Once you decide to go glamping, selecting a camp opens up some intriguing possibilities. Maybe the kids would like to glamp in a real safari tent. These tents are substantial structures that give the feel of permanence but still are tent-like enough to retain the camping feel. These camp sites provide electricity, sewer, showers, satellite TV and more comforts of home while still delivering a fun time in the Smokies. Glamping is a great way to bring the entire family camping without doing all the tent-pitching and set up yourself. You'll appreciate that the sleeping area is separate from the living area. Glamping safari tents can be rented for daily or weekly camping trips.

Remember how fun tree houses were when you were a kid? Some of the glamping campgrounds offer luxury tree houses as an alternative to staying in a tent. Camping in a luxury tree house, like in a safari tent, provides a high-end camping experience. In Gatlinburg you can find them with private bathrooms and other comforts that sure go way beyond the tree houses of childhood. The views of the Smokies from up among the trees are definitely unique. Tree houses can be rented for daily or weekly use.  Ask ahead of time, but the camp we checked on in Gatlinburg does not allow pets in safari tents or in the tree houses.

So the next time someone asks you if you want to go camping, hold out for a 'glamping' experience. There's nothing wrong with sleeping on the ground, but enjoying an upscale experience in a luxury tree house or safari tent definitely is a more comfortable way to commune with nature.

Honeymooners' Tip:

Are you looking for a fun and unique honeymoon experience? Consider glamping in Gatlinburg! Since our area is famous for its diverse and beautiful weddings, glamping fits right in as a great honeymoon option. Get in touch with glamping sites in Gatlinburg and ask if they have honeymoon packages available. It's always a good idea to get your reservations in early, as glamping is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to camp.

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