Gatlinburg Winter Magic, Winterfest, Gatlinburg On November 7th, Gatlinburg’s Winter Magic captured the spirit of the holiday season with millions of lights and stunning light displays. Every evening, Gatlinburg will be transformed into a winter wonderland, and visitors will be able to enjoy the festive feel and atmosphere of the brilliant LED lights glittering through town. If you love the holiday season, there’s no better time to visit Gatlinburg than when Winter Magic is in full swing. From November 7th, 2012 to February 28th, 2013, Gatlinburg streets will be lined with spectacular lights and brilliant light displays that capture the true essence of the holiday season.

Winter Magic is an Environmentally Friendly Event in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is committed to conservation and sustainability, and one of Gatlinburg’s many green efforts has been the transition from 500-watt incandescent bulbs to LED (light emitting diode) bulbs to conserve electricity during Winter Magic. The festival has been 100% converted from incandescent to LED lights, which has resulted in a more environmentally friendly festival and more brilliant colors. Gatlinburg’s Winter Magic displays can now be run for a full 120 days on the electricity that it previously took to light up the area for 3 days.

Get into the Holiday Spirit in Gatlinburg

Hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to Gatlinburg each year to enjoy the beautiful Winter Magic in Gatlinburg. When the lights go up and the snow starts to fall, the holiday season comes to life in Gatlinburg. Each year, the City commemorates past traditions and creates new holiday traditions that will be shared for generations.  This year, come join us for Winter Magic, the Trolley Ride of Lights, and our many other wonderful holiday-inspired events!

Winter Magic is fun for people of all ages. From the little ones with their eyes full of wonder at the many beautiful shining lights to people that can remember those timeless lighting displays from visits to Gatlinburg in their youth, the Winter Magic festival gives visitors the ability to enjoy Gatlinburg’s majestic mountains in a whole new way.

Take a Guided Tour of Winter Magic on the Trolley Ride of Lights

Visitors can also enjoy the lights in Gatlinburg by taking a ride on the trolley this season. The Trolley Ride of Lights will take you through the area on a 40-45 minute guided tour so that you can catch a glimpse of all of the beautiful light displays in Gatlinburg and hear the stories behind them.

Winter Magic kicked off on November 7th, and will run for 120 days. For more details on Winter Magic and all of Gatlinburg’s holiday events, visit Gatlinburg’s Events Page.

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