There's always something fun to do in Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg offers many romantic places to take your sweetheart, and one of the best things about this small city is that you don't have to drive to get to most of the attractions. Gatlinburg's Trolley system offers a fun way to get around that's affordable and easy. Each fare is only 50 cents, and All Day Trolley Passes cost just $2.00 per day - except Tan and Pink routes. The trolley schedules vary throughout the year, and depending on when you come to visit, a little advance planning with this handy trolley schedule will keep you up to date on how to get around Gatlinburg.

Visit the Arts & Crafts Community

One of the most enjoyable places you can get to on the trolleys is the Great Smoky Mountains Arts & Crafts Community. With shops, restaurants and cafes open year-round, this group of artisans offers a splendid display of their skills, including handmade pottery, basket weaving, painting, woodcarving, sculpting and more. During most of the year, you would take the Yellow Route trolley to get here. However that route is not running this month so during February, you can take the Blue Route and still get off close to the Arts & Crafts area.

The Aquarium Offers Activities for Every Age

After a fun excursion to the Arts & Crafts Community, a visit to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies is an easy trolley ride, since all trolleys stop at the aquarium. This attraction is one of the most loved in Gatlinburg. TripAdvisor voted it the #1 aquarium in the United States! There are so many things to explore, and some people even have their weddings at the aquarium!

This isn't just any aquarium, as Ripley's Aquarium is famous for its special experiences like Penguin Encounters. Now who wouldn't want to pet a penguin? Times and dates vary for this and other experiences at the aquarium, so it's best to check ahead to see what's offered when you come to visit. When you inquire, be sure to ask about the 'Create Your Own All-In-One Aquarium Experience Day.' This unique opportunity allows you to combine several awesome activities like Splash with the Stingrays and Behind-the-Scenes-Tour with Penguin Encounters, for a money-saving, all-inclusive price. Call ahead to make reservations.

Gatlinburg Restaurants Satisfy Your Hearty Appetite

After such an exciting day, you'll likely work up a big appetite. Fortunately, Gatlinburg is home to a variety of restaurants that cater to just about any taste. You'll love that there are a dozen restaurants close to the Aquarium. Any of these can satisfy a hearty appetite. You can even try some area favorites such as rainbow trout, shrimp, pancakes, Italian food, crab, smoked oysters, pecan chicken and tasty pulled pork. Mmm, sounds like a perfect way to end an active day and start a great evening.

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