Enjoy views like this when you visit Gatlinburg in the fall.

Visiting Gatlinburg in October offers so many magical views of the fall colors. If you can't get away until later in October, you are still in for a breathtaking experience. Some people think that peak color might be gone by that time, but actually the turning leaves follow a bit different pattern than one might think.

Starting high above Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains the changing colors begin due to the shorter days and long cool nights. 

One of the advantages that the Gatlinburg area enjoys is its diversity of trees which allow the fall color season to extend itself over about a 7 week period. You have plenty of time to view spectacular color even if you can't get here until early November. Especially in the middle elevations, you have a great chance to enjoy the changing of the leaves from mid-October to the early part of November and depending on the weather, a bit beyond. In fact, it might be a great idea to come to Gatlinburg later in the season as it may be a bit less crowded than earlier in the fall.

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Starting in the highlands American beech, mountain maple and mountain ash light up the sky with reds and golds. Leading into the second week of October there is still considerable green in the middle elevations, so coming up to the end of that week there is plenty of time for this area to start taking on an orange, red and yellow glow. Short, sunny days and cool nights this time of year offer prime conditions for colors to gain momentum in the Smokies. Now is a good time to plan some hikes in and around the Gatlinburg area. We recently posted two blogs on the best scenic trails; one focuses on hiking safety (written for summer travel, but the tips are still quite valid during the fall) and the other on short hikes of an hour or a little more.

Later in October and early November is still a great time to view the fall colors even though they are likely past their peak at the higher elevations. From 3,000 - 5,000 feet the reds are especially beautiful this time of year. A number of deciduous trees in the lower elevations will show vibrant golds and reds, if the weather cooperates, into mid-November. A trip to Gatlinburg then might be a great idea as many visitors could believe the fall color season over. It pays to keep checking our Deals page if you are coming later in the season as you may find some good lodging deals at that time.

As you can see the entire month of October through mid-November is fair game for coming to Gatlinburg to see the fall colors. We hope you join us soon. And don't forget you can book a room right on our site. Now that's convenience!

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