There’s a reason why the title “Wedding Capital of the South” has been bestowed upon the Gatlinburg area. When you imagine a place filled with as much romance as the misty valleys and sun-dappled peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, you realize why so many people come to the Smokies each year just to get married or attend a wedding. It’s the second-most popular place in America to tie the knot, trailing only Las Vegas, Nevada.

Destination weddings have become wildly popular, and Gatlinburg offers the prospective bridal couple everything they need for their perfect day. Selection is unparalleled, with 7 unique wedding chapels to satisfy anyone’s tastes. There are rustic log chapels, southern Colonial chapels, Victorian chapels, mountaintop chapels, and quaint Storefront chapels. Chapels range from elegant to cupid-cute, while ceremony styles range from hillbilly-simple to the most stylish and regal. 

If the families are coming in for the wedding, you may want to select a cabin or chalet that offers four to a dozen bedrooms. If you need accommodations for each member of your wedding party, consider the coziness a bed and breakfast inn. If you love the excitement of downtown, there are hotels, motels, and condos within easy walking distance to anywhere you want to be. And don’t worry - every lodging type can fulfill the special accommodation needs of you, the honeymooners!

A charming mountain town, Gatlinburg’s popularity is contagious throughout America. Gatlinburg’s cool mountain air and warm mountain folks appeal to people of all ages and types, from nature lovers to thrill seekers to sentimental romantics. Perhaps that’s why Gatlinburg is the perennial choice as ”Number One Weekend Getaway” by visitors from all walks of life.

Gatlinburg is a great place for newlyweds, but couples and families love it as well. In fact, most of those who visit Gatlinburg have been here before, because somewhere between the first ride and the last hike, they realize they’re having the best time of their lives. Gatlinburg is a town you’ll want to stroll through or catch a trolley if you prefer. Hundreds of shops, galleries, attractions and restaurants await you, but the adventure doesn’t end there. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see the majestic peaks of the Smokies, vibrant colors and choral echoes of the season’s flora and wildlife, and you’ll hear the distinctive background sounds of a nearby stream. Whether you’re here for two days or a week, with your entire family or just the two of you, Gatlinburg will be a resort retreat you’ll remember for a lifetime.

From the “something for everyone” aspect of this fun mountain town to the allure of the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg is the perfect family tradition and the perfect place to begin your new life together.