The City of Gatlinburg has taken the next step in pursuing its status as an environmentally friendly, green-conscious city. Residents and visitors will now find new solar-powered, trash compacting receptacles for waste disposal during their visit.

“The idea behind trying out the BigBelly trash receptacles is to limit garbage truck deployment along the Parkway,” says Larry Henderson, Public Works Director. “This makes more efficient use of time and gas, which saves the City money.”

The new trash receptacles are capable of holding 50 pounds of waste, five times that of a traditional trash bin, which will allow Gatlinburg to conserve fuel and reduce labor. The stations are attached to a sensor and GPS that notifies the Sanitation Department when full, enabling waste management crews to navigate their routes more efficiently beforehand.

“The City looked at this type of equipment several years ago and decided not to use them at that time,” said City Manager Cindy Cameron Ogle. “Now that the technology has improved, it makes sense to try them out and we believe the business community will be happy with the aesthetics of the receptacles also.”

The eco-friendly trash bins are manufactured by BigBelly Solar Inc. and are used by more than 1,600 organizations worldwide. BigBelly stations are found across the United Sates as well as more than 45 countries throughout the world.

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