Visitors driving into Gatlinburg will be greeted by the newly redesigned Parkway Pedestrian Plaza at the intersection of Parkway and East Parkway at traffic light #3.  The City has created a park like setting around a beautiful water feature with computerized fountains and lights as the centerpiece of the park.  The area provides ample seating, a covered pavilion with brochures and area information, free wifi and public restrooms.

Conveniently located next to the Fred McMahan Parking Garage at traffic light #3, the City anticipates visitors will find this to be a convenient area to park and embark on their visit in Gatlinburg.

The City of Gatlinburg recently completed the renovation of the Plaza.  “We are excited about the new asset at this end of town.  The Plaza will be a gathering place for visitors,” says Gatlinburg City Manager Cindy Cameron Ogle.  “Visitors will be drawn here because of the beauty of the site and ease of parking at the McMahan Garage.”

Adjacent to the Plaza are a group of unique, outdoor musical instruments, universally accessible, that people of all ages and abilities can play.  The handcrafted, tuned instruments blend harmonically together to create soothing sounds.

Freenotes Harmony Park of Durango, Colorado donated the instruments to the City.  “We are delighted to have the instruments in Gatlinburg. They are designed so that anyone is able to have an instant, successful musical experience,” says CEO Donna Codd.  “We hope that the visitors and residents of Gatlinburg will enjoy the instruments and making music.”

The Parkway Pedestrian Plaza is open year-round.  For more information about Gatlinburg call (800) 588-1817 or visit our website at